New Introduction

Rise_Of_The_PhoenixI’ve changed our podcast introduction. I made the change because of some feedback I got from one of our listeners. Here’s an excerpt of his email.

“Generally, I think that you guys aren’t/ weren’t sure, or right, about what the podcast is about/for (what a fucking clunky sentence I just made).  You bill it at the beginning of each show as something to talk to that person at work with whom you have nothing in common; which I would suggest is completely wrong.  You talk to people you have nothing in common with about the weather, or sports radio, topics for everyone, topics for morons. This show is not that.  This show is more of something you talk to intensely with one or two people that you talk to about business and working.  Most people are bored by it.  To paraphrase you guys, it is NOT 1% of a giant market, it’s more like 50% of a tiny market.