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Rise_Of_The_PhoenixI’ve changed our podcast introduction. I made the change because of some feedback I got from one of our listeners. Here’s an excerpt of his email.

“Generally, I think that you guys aren’t/ weren’t sure, or right, about what the podcast is about/for (what a fucking clunky sentence I just made).  You bill it at the beginning of each show as something to talk to that person at work with whom you have nothing in common; which I would suggest is completely wrong.  You talk to people you have nothing in common with about the weather, or sports radio, topics for everyone, topics for morons. This show is not that.  This show is more of something you talk to intensely with one or two people that you talk to about business and working.  Most people are bored by it.  To paraphrase you guys, it is NOT 1% of a giant market, it’s more like 50% of a tiny market.

I tried to think of 10 friends to share the podcast with, I came up with only two (which clearly has something to do with the fact that I have very few friends) one of whom may or may not dig it, the other, I know will love it.  It’s for people interested in business, or entrepreneurship, but also for the subset of those who have worked in a corporate setting. I have a bunch of entrepreneur friends with whom I talk about business, many (a majority) of them though have never worked in a large or even medium sized corporation.  the one friend i have (Brendan – you guys will one day meet and be friends) that will totally get it and love it is entrepreneurial, but has also worked for large large companies and totally gets a lot of the office politics and routines and strategies that you often talk about.  I also totally get it. This is definitely NOT something that I would want to talk about with my co-workers, rather something that I would talk about with my business partners or friends, but I think for it to be interesting, it’s got to be an honest conversation, and most of your topics, I would not discuss openly for sure, and probably not honestly even with my coworkers when I worked at companies larger than my own.  It’s not that your show complains, but it leads to honest criticism of much of work culture, which may be productive, but also certainly falls under rocking the boat, something I have learned the hard way, rarely helps me when talking to my coworkers…

Instead, I think of your podcast as a subset of business podcasts.  I wonder if you and TJ are bashful about calling it a business or entrepreneurship podcast because neither of you feel like business moguls?  I don’t think that it really matters.”

Ethan (an old friend and entrepreneur himself) is right. And his feedback is invaluable.

Here’s the new intro:

“Hello, I’m TJ Bartczak (and I’m Casey Brazeal) and this is Work Friends.  Work Friends is a podcast about business, entrepreneurship and… work.”

I think that comes closer to the mark.

At Work Friends we’re continuing to learn as we record this podcast and we think it’s getting better all the time. For that reason, we reserve the right to change and improve it.

If you have any feedback for us, please, share it in a comment. This podcast is not just a conversation with two people, if it were we wouldn’t record it. You are the third person in the room and your thoughts are wind in our sails. If you’d rather contact us directly through our social media, we’d be happy to hear from you there as well.

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